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Teaching Diploma for Upper Secondary Education

Our teaching diploma will give you the necessary skills to teach at upper secondary baccalaureate schools. You will learn to design student-oriented high-quality lessons, that will challenge your students to expand their knowledge and skills. Teachers have an exciting and versatile profession. They lead in-depth discussions and they promote social competence and individual interests. As a teacher at a baccalaureate school, you enjoy a lot of creative freedom. With your commitment you will contribute to preparing young people for their future in a knowledge-based and dynamic society.

Our Study Programs

At the Teaching Diploma for Upper Secondary Education department, you can obtain the teaching diploma for baccalaureate schools in one or two of twenty different school subjects. You can start your studies either parallel to your master’s degree or after you have completed your specialized studies. With the additional vocational pedagogical certificate you can also qualify for subject-specific teaching at vocational schools and vocational baccalaureate schools. After completion of the teaching diploma, you can benefit from our numerous further education courses to keep you up-to-date. Our teacher education program is taught in German.

Nationwide recognition

The Teaching Diploma for Upper Secondary Education of the University of Zurich is accredited by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education. With the teaching diploma you can work as a teacher in baccalaureate schools throughout Switzerland.